Windows Vista Partition Recovery

How to recover partitions in Windows Vista?

Partitions are made on the hard drive to maintain the data on in an ordered manner. It is easy to manage data on the partitions as you can segregate the files as per your requirement. There are lots of advantages of having partitions on your computer. You can have multiple Operating Systems on the computer. Partitions increase the performance of the computer. The same partition decreases the performance of the computer when it is corrupted.

The partition may get corrupted, lost or deleted from the computer for various reasons. You will lose the important files on the partitions of the computer. Suppose your Windows Vista based computer’s performance is decreased then you may increase it to manageable speed by removing unwanted data from the computer. Hence you decide to delete the partition from the computer with lots of junk data. You delete it and later realize that u have deleted a wrong partition. What can be done now? Do you have to compromise with the loss of all the important documents and personal data which was in the partition? No, there is no need to think much as you can recover the partition and hence the files in it. You can recover partition using partition recovery software on your Windows Vista OS.


Common partition loss scenarios on Windows Vista OS:

Hard drive format: You may format the hard drive and forget to backup the files before formatting. Formatting deletes all the partitions and the files from the computer. Hence, you will lose the data if you do not backup the files. In such situations, you need recovery tool to recover partition and hence the files in it from the computer. You can use partition recovery software to recover the partition.

Missing partition: The partition will be missing from the user interface when the partition table is corrupted. The partition table will be having the information about the partition which is referred by the Operating System while booting. You can recover the missing partition using recovery software. Partition recovery software helps you recover the partition effectively.

Lost when resizing the partitions : You may have to resize the partitions sometimes as you want to keep similar files on same partition or for any other reason. While resizing, you may not be having free space on the hard drive. You need to resize the partition in such cases so that you can use the unused space on a partition.

Virus attack: The partitions may get corrupted due to virus infection. In such situations, some of the files on the partition or the whole partition may go inaccessible. You can recover the partition in such cases using recovery software. Partition recovery software is one of the reliable recovery software which you can use.

There are lots of other reasons for partition loss like power outages, MBR corruption, partition table corruption, etc. Not only you can restore NTFS partition after MBR corruption but also you can recover FAT partition using partition recovery software.

Important features of partition recovery software:

The partition recovery software recovers partitions from Windows Vista computer in any loss scenario. You can recover FAT partition deleted by using FDISK command on the computer as the software supports all the file systems like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT. Recovery of FAT partition is a simple process using the software as it has simple wizard. The software has read only mechanism and hence you your data is secure and no fear of data being overwritten by the software. The software supports other versions of Windows OS also. Hence, you can retrieve accidentally deleted extended partition on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can save the recovery session to use it in future and avoid rescanning.

Steps to recover disk partition in Windows Vista using partition recovery software:

  1. Download the partition recovery software and install on Windows Vista based computer from which partition is lost. Launch the software and select “Recover Partition / Drive” option from the main page of the software wizard.
  2. Partition recovery software - Main screen

  3. Select “Partition Recovery” from the next screen of the software wizard.
  4. Partition recovery software - Next screen

  5. Select the hard drive and scan for the partiton. Once the partition is detected, you can recover the files on it.
  6. Partition recovery software - Hard Drive Selection screen

  7. Once the scanning process is over, the files are listed in two views which can be previewed. Save the files on the computer by selecting the destination location.
  8. Partition recovery software - Next screen