Windows 10 Partition Recovery

Have you lost a partition from Windows 10 hard drive? Do you want to get back those lost partition? Well don’t get devastated. Now it is possible to restore Windows 10 partition. The only thing you have to do is just make use of Partition Recovery software which is very efficient and one of the most preferred utility to carry out Windows 10 partition recovery. It has a powerful inbuilt scanning engine which can scan the entire computer hard drive and bring back Windows 10 partition data in a very great ease.   

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Common partition data loss scenarios:

  • Virus Infection
  • File System Corruption
  • Repartitioning Errors
  • Accidental Deletion of Partitions
  • Accidental Formatting/ Reformatting of Partitions
  • Data Loss Due to Conversion of Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk
  • Data Loss While Resizing Partitions
  • Improper System Shutdown
  • Power Surge
  • Incorrect Disk Partitioning
  • When your partition of the system hard drive gets corrupted then data stored on it become inaccessible resulting in huge data loss. There are some other reasons behind data loss from system hard drive but in such case, don’t get panic. You can make use of Partition Recovery software to perform recovery partition Windows 10 as well as on various versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2008, Windows server 2003, etc. If you want to perform Windows Vista partition recovery, then just click here: 

    Features of Partition Recovery software:

  • Using Disk Image: Partition Recovery software provides you an option to create an exact replica of hard disk having bad sector using Disk Image option through which you can easily restore data from system hard disk.
  • Two Recovery Options: It assists you two recovery options to recover deleted/ lost differently to avoid scanning of entire system hard drive.
  • Search Option: This software provides you with search option in order to restore particular file on the basis of their unique signature such as date of creation, file name, file size, file type, etc.
  • Two View Types: This software provides you two different types to view data. One is “File Type View” and second one is “Data Type View”.Preview Option: The software facilitates you a preview option through which you can view the recovered files before restoration. If you are satisfied with the recovery results then obtain the licensed version of the software to save the recovered files.
  • Save Recovery Session: It facilitates you to save the scanning results in order to avoid further rescanning after you have get the software, hence it saves time.
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    Follow the Steps to Perform Recovery Partition Windows 10:

    1. Download and install the demo version of the Best Partition recovery software and launch it properly to restore data from partition. After successful launching select “Recover Partition/Drive” from the main Windows screen.
    2. Recovery Partition Windows 10 - Main screen

    3. Then click on “Partition Recovery” from the next Window
    4. Partition Recovery Software Windows 10 - Next screen

    5. After that select the physical drive which contains the lost partition data and click on “Next” to start the scanning process.
    6. Lost Partition Recovery Windows 10 - Hard Drive Selection screen

    7. After the scanning process is over, you can view all the data of the lost partition data recovered by the software along with their original folder hierarchy.
    8. Partition Recovery Windows 10 - Next screen