Partition Recovery from USB Drive

Recover USB Drive Partition

Universal Serial Bus hard drive or commonly known as USB hard drive, is one of the generally used as storage device which is used for making transfer of files, from one location to another or having backup of some crucial files in safe and secured way. Usually such files are stored in systematic order over USB hard drive by creating some partitions. At some situations such files do get missing due to some unknown reasons, thereby leaving no scope to reuse them manually. On such development consumers of USB drive need to make use of partition recovery utility.

Of the different redundant reasons of file loss from USB drive, the general cause is due to accidental formatting. If beneficial option like formatting is done improperly then each of the contents of drive goes missing instantaneously. Such a regretful situation develops usually when consumers of USB hard drive instead of performing any other act over storage device, turn out to be performing format. Here consumers of external USB drive, need to understand that when any user performs any format operation over storage device, then only its logical existence is cleared. Henceforth, each of the erased files or folders keep the memory space occupied as long as they are not overshadowed by any new file. If such victims of unintentional format wish to have those files back in the same format as it earlier used to be then use of partition recovery tool as soon as possible. Besides that, if any drive is corrupted in your system, then also this utility will be equally effective to restore all information from corrupted drives.

Due to virus intrusion also the data available over USB hard drive can become inaccessible. Such viruses can get intruded inside the drive under several state of affair like when connected to system. Viruses or malware at times make corruption of some specific files, but some malware are capable to make entire partition corrupt, leaving each of the data from such partition inaccessible. It is not that on corruption of file system, data is lost forever; they hold memory spaces in the same fashion as mentioned in pervious paragraph. A few of the users of USB hard drive on such development perform something which leaves no scope of recovery. Therefore, it is recommended by number of hard drive experts to make use of Best Partition Recovery tool, if partition recovery from usb drive is needed in an optimal way.

There are various other likewise scenarios which can make data loss over USB hard drive partition, such as, error while making use of USB, interruption when changing file system, unintentional conversion of dynamic disk to basic disc, improper shutdown, ejection of USB improperly, partition table corruption and much more. By, making use of this auspicious software consumer can perform ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16 and FAT32 recovery in limited period of time. Not, only this software recovers files from Windows operating system, but can also be implemented on Mac system, when any data loss occurs over partition. To know about file recovery from Mac hard disk drive partition just click on the given link:

Follow steps for using the Best Partition Recovery tool:

Step 1: Download and install the trial version of "Best Partition Recovery" software. After launching of software select “Recover Drive” from the Home Window screen as depicted in Fig 1.

Partition Recovery from USB Drive - Home Window

Fig 1. Home Window

Step 2: Once next window appears click on “Next” button after choosing desired logical drive as depicted in Fig 2.

Partition Recovery from USB Drive - Select Drive

Fig 2. Select Logical Drive

Step 3: After scanning is done last window appears showing files that were rescued. Recovered files can be viewed by using "Preview" option as depicted in Fig 3.

Partition Recovery from USB Drive - Preview

Fig 3. Preview