Recover Formatted NTFS Partition on Windows XP

How to Undelete Formatted NTFS Partition Data on Windows XP OS?

Are you wondering about what you need to do for getting back your lost data from formatted NTFS partition on Windows XP? NTFS data recovery from Personal Computer’s whose one or more hard disk partitions are formatted becomes important if there are vital data that have been lost due to formatting. There are some unavoidable scenarios which leads to data loss from NTFS partitions on Windows XP operating system. But don’t worry!! You can easily restore formatted NTFS partitions on Windows OS by using powerful partition recovery software.

NTFS is New Technology File System is an improved version of FAT file system. It includes improved support for metadata, the use of advanced data structures to improve performance, reliability, disk space utilization, file system journaling, and additional extensions such as security via good encryption. NTFS partition is faster than FAT-type partition because it uses a high-performance binary tree to locate files. The NTFS file system partition has several different limits. The limits are based on the number of drive clusters. For example: Under Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 Setup, the NTFS partition can range from 7MB to 2TB. NTFS is the primary file system used in Microsoft's Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT operating system. In case your NTFS partition is formatted accidentally, then how will you recover files from formatted partitions on Windows XP?

Some of the common reasons for data loss are partition corruption, resizing of existing partitions, repartitioning of hard drive unsuccessfully, file system damage, hard drive formatting, virus attack, boot sector problems, etc. If Windows OS cannot access the disk drive because of bad sectors, the NTFS partition may become inaccessible. As a result of corrupted partition table, you may also lose your current NTFS partition. There are some very useful instructions which helps you to recover data from corrupt NTFS partitions.

For example, if you find the following error message while trying to access your hard drive data,

"NTFS Error: error in reading file_volume MFT record"

To resolve this error you need to replace the NTFS.sys file. It involves a detailed procedure to replace the file, which may become complex for novice or inexperienced system users, aggravating the issue more. In such a case, you may have to format your operating system altogether.

However, formatting of your NTFS partition resolves the issue, but at the stake of your essential data. The only safe method left is to go for a third party NTFS partition recovery software to recover back your lost data. You may lose the partition on Windows Vista OS after which you will have to recover partition on Windows Vista. It is more advisable in such cases that you should not save anything to your system hard drive so that the formatted files will not get overwritten.

You can recover formatted NTFS partition and can access all your files or folders in a same hierarchical manner from your file system using reliable partition recovery software. This software employs its built in algorithm to scan and recover the deleted partition data as well as restore partition lost due to usage of diskpart command on Windows XP or lost using any other file management utility. This recovery software is the tool, which is very good in recovering data from formatted NTFS partition. It diagnoses and repairs the complete data quickly. This tool has the ability to retrieve lost data from corrupted NTFS partition after it has some issues. The software uses advance in builtin algorithm to recover all your lost files, images, audio-video files, documents, etc from your lost NTFS partition. This recovey tool can also undelete FAT partition deleted using FDISK command. You can download the demo version available for free to your system. Its user-friendly interface does not require any technical skill to run this software. You can save recovery session so that you do not have to rescan the partition once you go for the original licensed software. You can also preview the data from NTFS partition before saving it. Using the software you can recover lost NTFS partition to your system very efficiently. Apart from all these you can recover partitions deleted or lost from your Mac computer. It is capable enough to restore HFS partition without any complications.

Follow the steps given below to restore formatted NTFS partition on Windows XP:

  1. Download and install one of the partition recovery software and launch it properly. After successful launching select “Recover Partition / Drive” from the main Windows screen.
  2. Partition recovery software - Main screen

  3. Then click on “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” from the next Window in order to restore formatted NTFS partition on Windows XP.
  4. After that select the physical drive which contains the deleted extended partition data and click on “Next” to start the scanning process.
  5. Partition recovery software - Hard Drive Selection screen

  6. After the scanning process is over, you can view all the data of the formatted partition recovered by the software along with their original folder hierarchy.
  7. Partition recovery software - Next screen

Few useful tips to prevent partition deleted in the future:

  • Check all the hardware resources to avoid hardware malfunction.
  • Backup all of your valuable partition data on regular basis.
  • Go through the instructions properly before extending partition or using any third party utility to perform disk related operation.