RAW Partition Recovery

How to Restore RAW Partition?

A RAW partition means file system of the drive is not recognized by operating system. Therefore, Windows is unable to mount that drive on the disk. However, it does not happen always, but exists when file system of partition is corrupted or damaged due to any reason. When you meet with such problems, you cannot access any information from that RAW partition getting some error message on your system. Then, RAW partition recovery is a way to regain the access of that inaccessible data and Best Partition Recovery software will be appropriate to perform it easily. It can restore data from RAW partition on your system and any other storage media such as USB drive, external hard drive etc.

File system of hard disk partition may be corrupted due to plenty of reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Improper Shutdown: File system of hard drive is mostly corrupted due to improper system shut down. When you are working with some applications and turn off your system abruptly without closing them, there is more chance of file system corruption of hard drive.
  • Power outage: It is another practical reason of file system corruption, which happens mainly when you are working for a long time. So, use uninterrupted power supply to avoid data loss due to file system corruption.
  • Other Reasons: File system of hard drive can also corrupted due to infection of external threats. Some dangerous viruses duplicates the content of file system of a partition resulting to data loss.

Due to these file system disaster, partitions present on disk will not be accessible and some error messages will be appeared when you try to use that RAW partition. Most common error you may get trying to access a RAW partition are "disk not formatted. Do you want to format now?", "Sector not found" etc. But, no need to worry, utilize this prominent partition restoration program to rescue information from hard disk. You can avoid data loss problem on RAW partition by careful handling of computer and keeping a regular backup of your hard drive data. You should use UPS to avoid interruption in power supply and update anti-virus on your system to prevent infection of external threats.

If you put up with data loss from RAW partition even after taking adequate precautions, use Best Partition Recovery utility to restore complete information securely. It will help you to recover deleted and lost partitions on all Windows operating system such as XP, Vista, 7, 8 etc. This partition rescue application is designed with latest technology to continue recovery in all types of file loss scenario. This restoration utility supports data recovery on FAT32, FAT 16, and NTFS formatted drive of various types of hard disks. Even, if you lose valuable information from any memory card, USB drive or any external hard drive, no need to find any other application for recovery. This hard drive restoration application will help you for instant recovery. To know about data restoration on USB drive, go through the link: https://www.bestpartitionrecovery.com/usb-drive.html

To perform RAW partition recovery follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install this partition restoration tool and launch it on your system. Select "Recover Drives" option from home screen as shown in figure below.
  2. Raw Partition Recovery - Home screen

    Fig 1: Home Screen

  3. After that, choose RAW drive which needs to restore and then click on "Next" to start scanning process.
  4. Raw Partition Recovery - Select Drive

    Fig 2: Select Drive

  5. When the recovery process completed, you can "preview" restored data on raw partition along with their original folder hierarchy.
  6. Raw Partition Recovery - Recovered Data

    Fig 3: Recovered Data