Partition Recovery on Mac

Software to Perform Partition Recovery on Mac

Partitioning the drive means dividing the Mac drive into two or more sections that increases the system performance. Sometimes you may by mistake delete the partition or partition becomes inaccessible. In such cases, you might think of is there any way to recover deleted partition or inaccessible partition on Mac? Yes, deleted Mac partition can be recovered by using best partition recovery software. It works on advance scanning algorithm and retrieves the deleted partition back very easily. Its windows edition software can also recover accidently deleted extended partition on windows 7 also.

Best partition recovery software is effective in different partition deleted scenarios. Some are as given below:

  • Data lose during re-allocating free space among partition: You can do re-allocation in your Mac machine by re-installing the operating system or by using third party software. During reinstallation there may be the chances of data loss. Or during the resizing also if the system abruptly shut down due to power surge then also partition get corrupted or lost.
  • Accidental formatting: Sometimes there may be the chances of drive formatting. When by mistakenly you have formatted the unwanted partition, then you can recover the formatted partition by using partition recovery software.
  • Accidental Deletion of partition: Sometimes while using disk management utility also there might be the chances of partition deletion. If you have accidentally lost the files then also you will lose all the files.
  • Due to virus attack: It is the most common case for partition loss. Due to virus attack also you may lose the partition or it becomes inaccessible.
  • Improper shut down: There may be the chances of partition loss when your machine abruptly becomes shut down due to power surge or other reasons.

How this partition recovery software recovers the data? How this software works? Actually when data or partition deleted from the system then only the information that shows drive or data presence deleted but actual data remains as it is only up to one condition only that is data should not be overwritten. If it is over write the data then it can’t be recovered back. So whenever you realize that you have lost the data or partition then stop using the system and install partition recovery software and scan your system completely. By using this software you can recover partition on Windows 8 and on its previous versions also because there is separate edition for Windows and Mac.

So if you want to recover the partition back then you need to install the software on secondary hard disk or connect the drive with your computer then you can scan your computer. There are following steps to use that software:


Follow the steps to restore deleted partition data:

    Step 1: Download and install the software and launch the software by double click on icon present on the desktop. Then select "Recover Volumes/Drives".

    Partition recovery on Mac - Home Page

    Figure A: Home Page

    Step 2: On the next page it will show the drives present on the system. Select the drive and start scan the machine and click on "next”.

    Partition Recovery on Mac - Select Mac Volume

    Figure B: Select Mac Volume

    Step 3: On the next page it will show the recovered files and drives if you are satisfied then activate the trial and save the recovered files.

    Partition recovery on Mac -List of Recovered File

    Figure C: List of Recovered File

Useful Notes to avoid partition corruption in future:

  • It is advisable to take regular backups of your important data in order to avoid any kind of data loss in the future.
  • Use UPS to avoid data corruption due to sudden power failure.
  • You can use latest antivirus program to avoid partition data corruption due to virus infection.

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