Laptop Partition Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted partition on windows xp?

Usually we partition the laptop hard disk to maintain more drives in laptop and even we can install more than one OS in the same hard disk. But sometimes we may delete hard disk partition accidentally which results loss of huge data. Don’t Worry!!! Whatever data is lost in deleted partition, we can easily recover that partition data by using powerful partition recovery software. Best partition recovery software helps to recover laptop lost partition data in an efficient manner and as quick as possible. It has more capable to restore all types of data including photos, documents, utilities, videos and many more data stuff stored in laptop which is lost after deleting partition. And this is best tool to restore partition lost after using Disk part command on windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Let us see some of reasons behind loss of partition data from laptop:

  • Accidentally deleting: Unfortunately you may delete partitions in laptop instead of performing other functions which consequence in heavy loss of data.
  • Formatting / reformatting: You might have formatted healthy partition instead of formatting corrupt partition and even while reformatting laptop which results in loss of partition data.
  • File system error: Usually file system error occurs due to existence of virus and bad sectors which causes to loss of partition data.
  • Improper handling of laptop: There might be chance of losing partition, if we abruptly shut down the laptop and using virus infected third party utilities which affect file system results in partition corruption.
  • File system conversion: Partition may loss while performing improper conversion of file system from dynamic to basic file system.

We have seen some of the scenarios behind loss of partition in laptop, but no need to worry about lost partition because we can easily restore lost partition by using best recovery software. Advanced Partition Recovery Software gives a resolution to loss of partition in laptop by many scenarios. It can also recover accidentally deleted extended partition on Windows 7. And it is designed with competent algorithms which scans your laptop hard disk in depth to find lost data from partition and takes maximum 15 min to restore 15GB of data. This software works on both windows and as well as Mac OS.

Nowadays user not satisfied with single bootable OS in laptop instead they go with more than one bootable OS to make laptop more flexible. But making dual bootable in a same laptop which causes to loss of partition data. Even you also come across same situation in your laptop. Don’t worry, Data partition recovery software has ability to make you overcome by this problem. And even this software is used to retrieve FAT partition deleted after using FDISK command or lost after using any other Windows file management utilities.

Anyone is you facing same situation of losing partition in your laptop. If so, demo version of this software is available in websites. Download it and try to restore lost partition data. If you are satisfied with restored partitions, then purchase paid version of this software to save restored partition data.

Follow the steps given below to restore partitions from laptop are:

  1. Download demo version of Data Partition Recovery Software and install on laptop successfully. Select “Recover Drives/Partitions” option,

  2. Laptop Partition Recovery - Main screen

    Main Screen

  3. Then click on “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” from the next Window in order to restore lost laptop partition on Windows XP.
  4. Laptop Partition Recovery

    Choose logical drive

  5. After the scanning process is over, you can view all the data of the lost partition recovered by the software along with their original folder hierarchy.
  6. Laptop Partition Recovery - Recovered data

    Recovered lost partition data