Save HFS Partition

Rescue HFS partition on Mac

We divide our computer hard drive in some logical parts; each of these parts is called partition. To find required files within a moment use of partitions is very useful. Each of these partitions has a file system that stores all the information about the files in it. If you are using Mac operating system, HFS is one of the mostly used file system for Mac partition. Nowadays, we create many partitions with the large storage space available in the hard drive for efficient access of data. With this facility, some problem of data loss also arises automatically. It may become a headache for you if you have lost any of your partition in any circumstances. You must want to save HFS partition when all vital information will be lost with the missing partition. After such severe loss, files can be recovered easily if you have the Best Partition Recovery program. It is very helpful in so many situations when partition is deleted or lost.

Partition recovery is needed after formatting the hard drive partition. User may format hard drive partition unintentionally or according to your requirement while going to manage computer files on partition. In general cases, formatting of a hard drive is simple execution of Format option after a right click on Mac partition. Formatting the volume loses all files in it and then you need to recover the whole partition using this tool. Partition on your computer hard disk may also be deleted due to inefficient use of disk part utility to convert, delete and resize any partition. If any of your partition is deleted due to this reason, you can use this application to revive deleted partition on Windows as well as on Mac.

So many Mac users are facing this problem everyday due to human error or for some software conflicts. Accidental deletion of partition is a frequently happened human error for which all of your necessary information is deleted with deletion of the HFS partition. You may also delete an incorrect volume when you are trying to delete a volume with the help of the Disk Management utility. Volume on the Mac computer may be deleted when you perform disk partitioning. If any error occurs at the time of disk partitioning all the partition may get inaccessible. In that case, do not think that partition restoration is impossible in both Windows and Mac; you can bring back lost partitions using this partition recovery utility on XP.

Apart from these, an important reason behind loss of HFS Partition is Partition Map corruption. Partition Map in Mac OS is similar to the MBR in Windows OS. It stores all necessary data about the volumes on the disk like number of volume, size, location on the hard disk etc. By, making use of this software consumers can easily get back files from USB drive in matter of minutes. The Partition Map is corrupted due to abrupt system shut down, file system corruption. Then volumes on the drive may be lost or become inaccessible which results a huge data loss. Then you can use this advanced program to rescue lost partition on Mac Book. In addition, this utility is very useful in partition recovery other than HFS partition. If you want to restore FAT 32 partition on Windows operating system visit this link:

Carry out these simple steps to recover HFS partition:

Step 1: First, download and run demo version of the application and then among the three options select "Recover Volumes/Drives" option from the Main Screen shown as Fig A.

Save HFS Partition - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: After that, you will see the list of volumes or partitions in the next page. Select the volume you want to recover and click on "Next" as shown below. Then recovery process will be started.

Save HFS Partition - Select Volume

Fig B: Select Volume

Step 3: When recovery process will be completed all files and folders of the volume is shown in "Data View" or "File Type View". Here, you can preview the recovered files before saving.

Save HFS Partition -List of Recovered File

Fig C: List of Recovered Files

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