Rescue FAT Partition

Recover Fat File System Data With Great Ease

Hard disk is an inner drive of computer with no separable media and partition are created to split the large storage space into isolated sections. Partitions are created by users to meet their requirements and the desired data in an organized way. These partitions may have different file systems as FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFSX etc. Sometimes, users prefer to have FAT file system. Though it is one of the best file system, it sometime faces problem due to different reasons and makes the available data over such partition inaccessible to user. In such state of affair you need not worry, since Best Partition Recovery is here to help you from such problem. Sometime, when you start computer you see that FAT drive is showing an error like “drive needs to be formatted would you like to format it now?” Then if you format that disk, all your data will be deleted. But you can easily rescue FAT partition by using the restoration tool.

There are some different instances where your partition gets deleted; one of them is unintentional deletion of partition while you are deleting some other unwanted partition. You may delete partition by using Windows Disk Management utility. Disk Management utility is normally used to create, format and delete a partition. There are chances to perform these operations on a wrong drive and it results with data loss. But we are very lucky because we have an advanced tool to rescue that partition in an ease and efficient way. Files from partition may be deleted due to unwanted formatting of a wrong partition. When you format a drive it erases the entire pointer within the file system and set a new file system to store file information. Therefore, if you don’t keep the backup before formatting, you will lose all the data on it. Then to restore data you have to use this application for better result.

Due to any interruption in disk operation as create, delete, display, set active by using FDISK utility files may be lost from the partition. Here this application will help us to solve this problem. Another situation where you can use the tool is, at the time of file deletion from the partition due to reformatting. One of the other added advantages of using hard disk is that its file system can be changed as per user’s requirement. However, if any error occurs while performing this act, may tend to loss of content within that partition. For all these reasons all information in the partition is always recoverable by this outstanding software. It can also restore accidentally deleted extended partition on Windows 7 and supports partition recovery on other Windows OS as well.

If you use multiple Operating system in a computer there is chance of partition loss if any error occur in multi OS boot installation. Apart from aforesaid scenarios of data loss from FAT Partition there are other reasons which may cause data loss are corruption due to power surge, improper system shut down, virus attack, MBR corruption etc. each of this problem can be sorted out by implementing given software. To know more go to the link:

Follow the steps to restore FAT Partition :

  1. Download and install the demo version of this partition recovery software and launch it . After that select “Recover Drives” from the main Windows screen.
  2. Rescue FAT Partition - Main screen

  3. Then click on "Partition Recovery"from the next Window.
  4. Rescue FAT Partition - Next screen

  5. After that select the physical drive which contains the deleted FAT partition data and click on “Next” to start the scanning process.
  6. Rescue FAT Partition - Hard Drive Selection screen

  7. After the scanning process is over, you can view all the data of the deleted partition data recovered by the software along with their original folder hierarchy.
  8. Rescue FAT Partition - Next screen