Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive

Restore Files from Corrupted Hard Disk Drive

Have you lost files from your hard drive? Need not worry, lost files can be recovered. Files stored on hard drive are very important from a computer user point of view and loss of such data from drive may be a terrible and painful experience. However, in case the backup is taken by user then it would be a very easy to handle this unpleasant situation, but, if the backup is not taken and files stored on computer is lost then it can be only brought back, by making use of some reliable recovery tool, which is armored enough to revive files from each of the sectors of HDD.

There are many possible ways where data stored on the hard drive may be lost. Some popular one are like partition lost, formatting of drive, corruption of file system, virus and malware attack on hard drive , error while conversion of file system from one file system to another and abrupt system shut down. Suppose user wants to format a logical drive to erase all data from drive but during making selection of drive, wrong drive is selected which leads to loss of files stored on drive. Apart from this partition error also ends in data loss, partitioning of disk is done with aim of dividing hard disk into multiple parts so that different files system can be allocated to different partition.

Virus and malware attacks can make hard drive corrupt hence files or folders stored on hard drive becomes inaccessible, sometimes files or folders stored on hard drive are shown as hidden due to virus and user cannot access those folders or files. These types of abnormal behavior of files or folders are shown because virus makes changes in file attributes. Thus hard drive damaged due to malware cannot be used without effective mechanism recovery.

Another most frequently occurring cause which is responsible for data loss from hard drive is loss of partition. People generally perform partitioning or repartitioning of any HDD using Disk Management Utility, but if such complex task is not done with utmost care, then it may result in partition corruption. Another commonly occurring data loss scenario is conversion of file system, conversion of file system from FAT 32 to NTFS is achieved without any data loss. But conversion of NTFS to FAT is not possible without reformatting. Reformatting process may result in data loss because during reformatting complete data are erased and new file system is allocated to the drive. If your system gets shutdown abnormally because of power loss, it could result in hard drive crash thus files and folder are affected.

It does not matter for what reason your hard drive has been damaged; files and folders stored on HDD can be recovered using restore hdd partition software. To recover files from damaged hard drive, this recovery software can be used which is specially designed to perform such kind of activity. Best Partition Recovery is one of the tools available for damaged hard drive recovery. It is also capable enough to perform recovery of lost partition on various Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. It is capable enough to recover data from various popular file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT. To know about its capability to recover files from NTFS partitions just follow the given link:

Steps to Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive:

  1. Download and install the software and launch it appropriately. Select “Recover Drive” from Home Screen as shown in Figure below.
  2. Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive - Home screen

  3. From next wizard select the logical drive which has been corrupted and then click on “Next” to start the scanning process.
  4. Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive - Select Logical Drive

  5. After finishing the scanning process, you can "Preview" all the data of the damaged drive recovered by the software along with their original folder hierarchy.
  6. Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive - Preview