Recover Corrupted Hard Drive Files

Easiest Way to Restore Corrupted HDD

Is your computer hard drive gets corrupted and you are unable to access any file from drive? Do not worry. Corruption of hard drive is a common reason today and there are so many ways to solve this problem easily. Though you may get several applications to recover corrupted HDD, but Best Partition Recovery tool is one of the best applications to restore all information from corrupted hard drive with ease. Compared to any other data recovery tool, it is more comprehensive to resolve all reasons behind hard drive corruption due to virus attack, MFT corruption, bad sector on the drive etc. Moreover, it can recover all files and folders with their original name and folder hierarchy. It is designed by few professional experts to construct a complete solution for all types of hard drive corruption.

Hard disk drive of computer is mostly corrupted due to MFT corruption of logical drive. It contains all information like size, file type, date of creation or modification, accessibility of the file. If this file is corrupted due to any reason, it may results in corruption of complete partition. After that, all data in that partition will get lost or inaccessible for you. Then you need this partition recovery utility if those data are extremely essential. You will also be able to restore all data using this application, if your system hard drive is corrupted due to frequent change of file system. File system of a hard drive may get corrupted if you convert dynamic file system to basic. But, no worry!! You can restore hard drive partition in an efficient way by employing this tool.

Master Boot Record corruption is another important reason of HDD inaccessibility. MBR of hard disk holds all information about partitions present on the disk. It keeps information about main partition table & boot loader, and BIOS to recognize all drives in booting time. MBR may be corrupted due to infection of severe viruses, abrupt system shut down or sudden power failure. After such corruption, that partition becomes inaccessible for you, resulting to severe data loss. Due to corruption of boot loader, you will get a message like “Error Loading Operating System” and you cannot boot your OS. Then, Best Partition Recovery program will be effective in partition recovery after MBR corruption.

Apart from computer hard drive recovery, you can utilize this application to revive files from external drives after corruption. Data from external drive may lose due to corruption after improper change of file system. External drive is used in so many system and we need to select proper file system for that system. You can convert FAT 32 file system to NTFS but NTFS to FAT 32 is impossible. If you perform this conversion, your external drive will be corrupted. Then, do not panic, use this strong application as it has inbuilt algorithm to restore entire data from hard drive with FAT32, NTFS5, NTFS and ExFAT file system. It can also rescue deleted and formatted hard drive on all version of Windows operating system. It is designed with simple user interface to perform easy and secure partition rescue. Furthermore, if you face any problem trying to restore partition on Windows 8, go through this link:

Steps to Restore Data from Corrupted Hard Drive:

  1. First of all, download and install this application on your system, then launch it. Now, select "Recover Drive" option from home screen as shown in Fig 1.
  2. Recover Corrupted Hard Drive Files - Home screen

    Fig 1: Home Screen

  3. In this window, you will see all drives present on your system. Select the corrupted drive from the list and then click to "Next" to initiate scanning process.
  4. Recover Corrupted Hard Drive Files - Select Corrupted Drive

    Fig 2: Select Corrupted Drive

  5. After completion of scanning process, all restored files will be shown in "Data View" or "File Type View". Here, you can "Preview" any recovered file before saving it.
  6. Recover Corrupted Hard Drive Files - Restored Files

    Fig 3: Restored Files